AISUアイス - ice in Japanese, brings you authentic Japanese Kakigori dessert experience through vaping. Imagine the natural fruit syrup drizzled on shaved ice, every mouthful is cold, fruity and refreshing. If there is an award for authenticity, we believe we will win that award with this line of menthol vape.

50VG/50PG For MTL. NIc salts 20mg


Aloe Vera 10ml- Best seller

Dragon Fruit 10ml -Best seller

Melon 10ml

Green apple 10ml

Blackcurrant 10ml

Blue Raspberry 10ml

Cactus 10ml

Cucumber 10ml

Mango 10ml



* Aloe Vera 10ml

Aloe Vera is a unique flavour that is inspired by the delicious aloe vera drink followed by a cooling hit of menthol. We absolutely adore this e-liquid and we can see why it is a huge hit all around world!

셀러 평가: 한국에서 가장 많이 팔린 액상. 적당한 멘솔과 질리지 않는맛으로 오랜 사랑을 받고있다.


* Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit brings together the inimitable taste of dragon fruit and ice for a sweet and cooling vape with a touch of sourness. Aisu Dragon Fruit is a must-try for fans of an exotic flavour profile; pick up a bottle today and experience total refreshment.
셀러 평가: 용과의 매력을 느낄수 있는 액상. 단맛을 그다지 좋아하지 않고 깔끔한 맛을 좋하시는 베이프에게 딱! 깔끔하고 시원한 쿨링감.


* Melon

Melon is inspired by the flavours of Japan. This classic fresh melon flavour with notes of menthol ice is the perfect all-day summer flavour.

시원하고 달달하면서 살짝 부드럽게 베이핑 할수있는 액상. 적당한 멘솔로 데일리 베이핑하기 좋은 액상.


* Green apple

Green Apple  is a crisp and juicy blend of ripe green apples followed by menthol ice on the exhale. Simple but scrumptious!

청사과 의 아삭한 느낌 그대로 텁텁함이 없는 청량한 맛이네요...


* Blackcurrant 60ml

Blackcurrant is sure to make your taste buds happy. As you exhale the flavour of icy menthol will invigorate your senses.

베리의 왕 블랙커런트. 본연의 상큼 달콤함과 시원한 액상


* Blue Raspberry 60ml

 Blue Raspberry is made for those of you that have a craving for something sweet. This sugary and tart raspberry and the blueberry combo is absolutely divine. As you exhale the cooling sensation of menthol will have you feeling like you're on cloud.

블루베리와 라즈베리의 조화. 차가운 케익위에 블루베리와 라즈베리를 얹은듯한 달콤함과 부담없는 맨솔


* Cactus 60ml

Refresh your senses from the desert, as you breath in the cool exotic flavour from the guardian of the desert. Our cactus flavour holds all you need for an explorer, in a smooth cool taste.

셀러 평가: 선인장의 맛^^?? 익숙하지는 않은 맛이나 굉장히 시원한고 약간 달달한 매력적인 풀떼기 맛이 나네요..아주 깨운합니다.


* Cucumber

fresh and clean tasting blend; on inhale, a mild cucumber flavour develops, bringing with it a floral profile that remains sweet. This is paired with cool menthol notes on exhale, for an icy afterbite.은은한 오이향에 시원한 멘솔로 시원한 오이를 아삭 씹어먹는 느낌...호불호가 좀있겠네요.


* Mango

Juice is an exotic and cooling flavour that is perfect for the summertime. Deliciously dripping and juicy mango that is rounded off with cool menthol ice will leave you feeling refreshed after every hit.

이시리즈중에 가장 달달한 액상으로 시원멘솔과 달달한 망고맛 액상.



셀러 총평: 한국에서 알로에베라로 전국을 점령하고 한 2년동안 한국액상순위에서 1위를 내주지 않았고 다른 맛들도 평이 좋아서 많이 팔리고 있는 영국액상.

Zap! Aisu Nic Salts 10ml (MTL 입호흡)

  • Description:

    Zap! Aisu Nic Salts 10ml 
    Brand: Zap juice
    Unit: Bottle 

    E juice base: 50% PG + 50% VG